Mr. Trager has $500.00 to spend at a bicycle store. All prices listed below include tax. . He buys a new bicycle for $273.98. . He buys 3 bicycle reflectors for $7.23 each and 1 bicycle helmet for $42.36. . He plans to use the remaining money to buy new cycling outfits for $78.12

Accepted Solution

Answer:2 outfitsStep-by-step explanation:first you have the total amount of money he has.next subtract the amount of money he spends on the new bicycle500-273.98=226.02next find the total cost of the 3 bicycle reflectors7.23 times 3 = 21.69Subtract that total from the remaining amount of money left226.02 - 21.69 = 204.33Then subtract the helmet from the remaining money204.33 - 42.36 = 161.97now divide the remaining money by 78.12 to find out how many outfits he can buy161.97 / 78.12 = around 2.07So the answer is he can only buy 2 outfits with the remaining money (you can not buy 2.07 outfits)hope this helps and was what you were looking for