Maria leaves her house and walks north for 6 blocks. She then turns and walks directly east for 8 more blocksuntil she reaches Natalie's house. What is the shortest distance between Maria's house and Natalie's house?PLEASE DRAW A DIAGRAM !!!

Accepted Solution

Answer:36+64=100 100 to the square root is 10Step-by-step explanation:I'm not giving a diagram just draw a triangle and make the base of it 8 and the length of it 6 but the diagonal part 10It's the pythagorean theorum. a^2 + b^2 = c^2 ^2= to the 2nd power. or squared.In this case it really doesnt matter which one you label for this part of math.so 8^2 + 6^2 = C^2 where C is the shortest distance between the houses.and 8 and 6 were the lengths given.64+36=100100's square root is 10 because 10^2 is 100 or 10*10 is 100. If you dont know what squaring is.Its multiplying something by that something once so 1 squared is 1 because its 1*1 you are multiplying it once 2 squared or 2^2 is 4 because 2*2 is 4 3 squared or 3^2 is 9 because 3*3 is 9. 4 squared is 16 because 4*4 is 16. and if you did 2 to the power of 3 of 2 cubed it would be 8 because 2*2*2 is 8.