A line with a slope of 33 passes through (2,5)2,5. Which choice is an equation of this line? a)y+5=3x+2 b)y-5=3x-2 c) y-5=(x-2) d)y-2=3(x-5)

Accepted Solution

Answer:y - 5 = 3 . (x - 2)Step-by-step explanation:A linear equation can be written in point-slope form.y - y₁ = m. (x- x₁)wherex is the independent variabley is the dependent variable(x₁, y₁) is an ordered pair representing a point through which the line passesm is the slopeGiven the slope is 3 (m = 3) and the line passes through the point (2, 5) (x₁ = 2, y₁ = 5), we can write the point-slope form of the linear equation.y - 5 = 3 . (x - 2)I think this might correspond to b, although it should have a parenthesis to be correct.